Transcom II Portable Intercoms 
SPO Two, Four, Six, Eight, and Ten Place Intercoms
Fail safe feature allows pilot to always hear radios - even if the intercom is off.
Operates up to 40 hours on one 9-volt battery (included).
Includes DC power cable to offer seamless operation on either battery or 11-34 Volt DC aircraft power.
Radio priority assures that ATC hears only the crew member transmitting.
Push to Talk Switch inputs for both pilot and copilot.
Music input for CD player, MP3 player or AM / FM receiver.
Audio output for recording ATC flight dialog.
Sigtronics SPO-22 Intercom      Sigtronics SPO-42 Intercom  Sigtronics SPO-62 Intercom
SPO-22 Portable Two Place                                               SPO-42 Portable Four Place                                            SPO-62 Portable Six Place
2 Place to 10 Place
The Transcom II is available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 place versions with the addition remote expansion modules (accommodating two passengers each), which are connected to the main unit by a 4 foot cord. This allows the backseat passengers to have their own units and connection points, and helps keep cord entanglements to a minimum.

Music Input
A music input in all Transcom II intercoms makes long trips more enjoyable for crew and passengers. An audio output records flight dialog for post flight review, a great training tool for any pilot.

High Noise Environment N Series
The Transcom II is available in High Noise Environment version. The SPO N Series intercoms incorporate special high-noise circuitry that works well in ultra-lights, helicopters, open cockpit aircraft, and with hand held radios.


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