Shipping, brokerage, and exchange rates can increase the cost of a part significantly. Let us help reduce these costs for you.

We have thousands of products, from basic hardware, tools, supplies, to avionics.  Use the search box on the left to find what you want, or email us at for a quote. Some of our products are listed below, if you don't see what you need, contact us anyway, we probably have it.




Phillips Anti Rust Preservative Oil

1 u.s. Gal, $44.50

Aviation Anti rust Oil

Rust & Corrosion Preventive Oil

Phillips 66® Aviation Antirust Oil is a rust preventive oil specially formulated to help protect aircraft piston engines against rust and corrosion during extended periods of inactivity. Airframe manufacturers have used it for many years as “Fly Away Oil” for new or rebuilt aircraft engines that are expected to sit idle for extended periods of time. Aviation Antirust Oil may be used as “break-in oil” where an all-mineral oil is desired, and is particularly suited for situations where the engine to be broken in may not be immediately put into regular service.

 Skytec Lightweight Starter Sale



Click here to check the great pricing on selected Skytec Starters

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Wheel Pants

We have many used wheel pants, mostly Cessna 172 R and S models, with some mounting hardware

Come in and look, make a reasonable offer.


We have Goodyear 300-246-400 G15/6.00-6 Tubes with TR67  90 deg valve



Icom Canada is pleased to introduce the IC-A220T. The A220T is a TSO approved air band panel mount radio that is certified for part 23 (523 in Canada) aircraft, a general aviation aircraft with a maximum take off weight of less than 12,500 pounds (5,670 kgs).

The A220 features:

- White OLED display with white key backlight with an auto dimmer function that adjusts the display for optimum brightness day or night
- Easy channel selection with the "flip-flop" arrow button switches between main and stand-by channels
- Automatic squelch function detects the signal level and automatically adjusts the squelch level to maintain a received call
- 12V/24V DC power source
- Built-in voice activated intercom function allowing the pilot to talk with the copilot via the headset
- GPS memory function when connected to an external GPS receiver
- 20 memory channels
- 50 group memory channels
- Automatic weather channel scanning and receive

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Plane Power Alternators




Surplus Items

302-246-400 Tube 6.00x6, TR67 90deg valve:   12 in stock.

LP353 Green Tint Window 0513230-32 for Cessna 172P  Skyhawk 1983-1986

LP353 Green Tint Window 0513230-33 for Cessna 172P  Skyhawk 1983-1986

LP353 Green Tint Window 0513230-34 for Cessna 172P  Skyhawk 1983-1986

LP492 Clear Window for Cherokee 6 PA32-260

LP492 Clear Window for Cherokee 6 PA32-260

DC3 Brake parts

2 x 95-40385 Housing "used"                                                             Make an offer on the lot: 

5 x    56459 Brake Shoe "New Surplus"

3 x 59623 Lining "New Surplus"

5 x  56459  Brake Shoe "used"

1 x   57584 Brake Assy "used"

1 x   57028 Brake Hub  "used"



Champion Massive Electrode Spark Plugs

Deep discounts available on purchases of 4 or more. Contact us for pricing


Champion Iridium Electrode Spark Plug

REM38S Plugs for most Cessna and Piper models

(Check compatibility chart at )

Choose Iridium “S” spark plugs for high-performance engines. Longer-lasting than platinum spark plugs, Iridium “S” plugs resist

lead attack and provide better scavenging than standard platinum plug designs. For exceptional performance, even under the most demanding conditions.





 How old is the First Aid Kit in your plane? They do expire.

Replace yours with a fresh one!


Electronics International EAC-1 EGT/CHT/OAT

Electronics International provides the budget-conscious pilot the option to monitor their Exhaust Gast Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature and Outside Air Temperature with the same precision found in the most advanced analyzers on the market, while not breaking the bank. The EAC-1 provides pilots with One Channel of EGT, One Channel of CHT and One Channel of OAT readings in a stable, one-degree digital format. With a toggle switch, select which temperature you would like to monitor. The large, crisp LCD is viewable in direct sunlight, and is backlit, making it easy to monitor your EGT, CHT and OAT.


F & M Enterprises Oil Filter Adapters for Continental Motors


  We stock Transport Canada Journey, Propeller, Engine, Airframe, etc, logbooks.


Need Maps or a new CFS? They are available at Nav Canada's website here:


Cherry Riveter kit G750ACMR  Sale Priced at $1895.00


Snap On Industrial Tool Promo



Replacing a single instrument, building a new panel?

Shipping, brokerage, and exchange rates can increase the cost of a part significantly. Let us help reduce these costs for you.

Contact us for a competitive price, FOB Oshawa.



Find the correct battery for your plane here, we have them in stock.  Contact us for compettive prices.

Install a sealed battery, do away with handliing acid, topping up and the annual battery box cleanup.




Fleet owners, how much are you spending annually on down time, and labor costs for landing light replacements?

Install an LED light, and make frequent changing of landing lights a thing of the past.

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Champion Products

Champion Catalog


Shell oil and lubricants  

Buy oil by the liter, or for greater savings get the case.       



Phillips Products 

 Corrosion X Products

 Plane Sights Products


Tugs and Draggers



 Sigtronics Intercoms   



            ICOM CANADA                  

We are a stocking Distributor for Icom   




We carry replacement parts for headsets. Earseals gone flat? We have new ones in stock
Complete Aircraft PreHeat System. Site pricing in U.S. dollars. Call for Canadian cost, F.O.B. Oshawa.


Red Dragon Pre-Heaters


Aerosheep Seat Covers

SKY-TEC                                                                   PLANE POWER  

Lightweight "Flightweight" Starters                                   Lightweight aircraft alternators   

Find the correct filter for your aircraft, we have them in stock.

STC'D Products, tools and maintenance equipment.Replacement battery boxes, and aftermarket low loss cable sets. 
Site pricing is in US Dollars, FOB Factory. Please call
for your Canadian pricing, F.O.B. Oshawa, ON. CANADA


Weldon Pumps


New or exchange pumps


UMA Instruments

TSO'd and Non TSO'd Instruments

Aircraft Cleaning, Polishing and Detailing Products. Site pricing in U.S. dollars. Call for Canadian cost, F.O.B. Oshawa.


Aero Recip is the largest piston engine overhaul shop in Canada

Manufacturer of Starter/Generators and Generator Control Units. Offering the sale of 'OEM new outright', 'new STC'd upgrade exchange', 'overhaul service', 'overhaul exchange', 'OEM parts' and 'PMA'd parts'. Your # ONE source for Power Control

Aircraft Hardware


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