Complete Aircraft and Engine Preheat Systems for your Piston-or Turbine powered Aircraft

Tanis is the leading manufacturer of preheat systems for general aviation aircraft. A Tanis preheat system will thoroughly and safely heat your engine’s cylinders, oil, and crankcase. Other manufacturers may make this claim—only Tanis can back it up.

Pete Tanis was an innovator in the field of cold weather aircraft operations and the architect, designer, and first to patent a piston engine preheater. Today, Tanis Aircraft Products thoroughly understands temperature envelopes, flight conditions and increased demands of cold weather aircraft operations.

Tanis stands for the most technologically advanced systems in aircraft preheat. A Tanis system is the only solution to provide heat to all critical engine components.

EAA/AeroShell video about preheating


Complete systems, individual components and replacement parts available

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When aircraft battery needs arise,

specify "Gill" - dependable batteries since 1920.

Recombinant Gas - The RG® Series are low resistance,

valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.

·  Superior starting power

·  Reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure

·  Low impedance design

·  Battery is constructed with non removable vent valves

·  No addition of electrolyte or water ever required for

    this maintenance free aircraft battery.

·  Aerobatic Batteries:

    This is a non spillable battery at any altitude or attitude

·  Factory tested to assure airworthiness

·  Shipped fully charged and ready to install

·  AGM Battery:

    Manufactured with absorbed glass mat separators

·  RG® Series batteriesship non-HAZMAT




  Aircraft Covers,  custom made for your aircraft 

We can supply wing covers, canopy covers, and engine covers for a wide range of commercial and private aircraft as well as engine intake plugs, wheel covers, pitot tube covers, Cherokee tail cone covers, and many other unique and helpful accessories.





Windsock Products

No matter what your windsock requirements, we can supply any size and colour combination to meet your particular needs, whether it be the standard five band orange/white for airport use, or one single colour (red, orange, white, yellow, or purple for that matter) for private airfield use or for promotional purposes. Windsocks are also becoming popular for industrial uses as an aid to the handling of hazardous chemicals and agents. We also have our ever-more popular "Canada Flag" windsock.

Our windsock frames are all stainless steel and use nylon bushings, so they can be expected to give many years of trouble free, rust free performance.



Cleaners, Waxes, Polishes


Meguiars clear plastic cleaner 17

Clear Plastic Cleaner removes fine hairline scratches from all types of clear plastic. Unique, non-abrasive formula prepares the surface for Mirror Glaze® Clear Plastic Polish. Perfect cleaner for computer screens, convertible windows, helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens, displays and instrument panels.

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Pbs Prep Is The First Step To Fantastic Looking De-Ice Boots.

Pbs Prep is formulated for use before each Pbs Boot Sealant application to avoid dulling and hard to remove build-up. Pbs Prep will effectively clean pneumatic de-ice boots of all old boot treatments assuring the best results possible when applying Pbs Boot Sealant. Failure to prepare de-ice boots with Pbs Prep may result in dulling due to build-up.



Blocks Harmful UV Rays, Dries To A High Gloss, Will Not Streak Back On Wings Or Fly Off.

Pbs Boot Sealant dries quickly to a high gloss finish while offering the longest lasting protection against all weather, wear and tear. Pbs Boot Sealant will prevent black streaks on wings from oily products that fly off. Light Plane Maintenance Magazine says, “Make no mistake, the Pbs Boot System is the best boot treatment we’ve ever seen. Your boots, no matter how old, grungy, yellowed, waxed over or dull will come out looking better than new. The results are nothing short of stunning. Pbs Boot Sealant tested against competitors products, was found to be far superior in both results and ease of application”. AOPA Magazine says in the May 2000 issue, “So far the best product we’ve used on boots is PBS made by Jet Stream.”
















Meguiars Mirror Glaze 10

Clear Plastic Polish safely restores optic clarity to all clear plastics. Provides a static-free coating that repels dust. Safeand effective on both acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces. Ideal for boats, RV's, cars, motorcycles and aircraft



ZEP 40 Cleaner

Zep 40 is a heavy duty aerosol,non-conductive surfaces cleaner. Dissolves grease, surface smears, finger marks, and soil. Its fortified formula contains powerful solvents, wetting agents, and ammonia to handle many difficult cleaning tasks. For use on: showcases, refrigerators, walls, chrome, stainless steel, soft drink machines and many other surfaces. Easy to use, simply spray and wipe dirt and grease away. Contains no phosphates


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Plexi-Clear is an anti-static aircraft plexiglas cleaner, protectant and polish. Plexi-Clear produces a microscopic, high luster, soil retarding and water repellent finish to all aircraft plexiglas and plastics. Plexi-Clear actually seals the pores of the plastic and leaves small scratches less visible, leaving a surface that is fresh, lustrous and protected. Plexi-Clear dries perfectly with no smears, scratches, or smudges. Plexi-Clear can be applied in seconds, in one easy step. Boeing and MIL Spec Approved.











Long lasting paint protectant

List: $54.53

SALE: $37.95


Liquid Diamond Paint Sealant is designed to be used with paint protection programs or as an additional step to waxing. Will help seal the surface of the paint from natural and industrial contamination. Liquid Diamond is blended with three specially formulated ingredients that bond to aircraft painted surfaces for long lasting protection. Safe on all aircraft painted surfaces including composite and fabric.

Prist Acrylic, Plastic and Glass Cleaner


Prist Acrylic, Plastic and Glass Cleaner works safely and easily on all acrylic, stretched acrylic, polycarbonate, glass and coated glass aircraft windscreens. And it works inside and outside the aircraft, and on metal and vinyl, without harming painted surfaces.



List: $23.20

SALE: $17.40

Provides High Gloss, No Pre-Cleaning Necessary, Carnuba Enriched.

Flyers Speed-Wax is a specially formulated waterless aircraft dry wash and high gloss protectant. Flyers is a Carnuba Enriched product with an easy-on, easy-off application process. With Flyers Speed Wax there is no need to pre-clean any surfaces before use. Flyers will allow you to clean your aircraft in a short amount of time, leaving the surface of the aircraft highly protected. Flyers can be applied directly to the aircraft with a trigger sprayer or, you can apply using a damp micro fiber applicator by hand.