W.G. Cox Aviation Supplies Ltd.
Privacy Policy

We at Aviation Supplies respect your privacy and will protect any personal information that we have collected in the past or will collect in the future (i.e. your name, address, credit card numbers, home phone numbers, aircraft registration, etc.).

Your information would only be used for the following purposes:

• To meet safety, security, legal and regulatory requirements;
• To acquire necessary parts (etc) from suppliers and what is needed regarding warranties, customer service, products, etc.;
• To respond to your inquiries and to maintain the accuracy of our records;
• To satisfy other reasonable, legitimate business interests (such as collecting outstanding debts).

We would be using any personal information collected prior to and after January 2004 for the purposes described above, as regulated by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Please note that by submitting personal information to us, you consent to our use and disclosure of the information as described above. If you: (i) do not consent; (ii)have any questions; (iii) would like to limit some of the permitted uses or disclosure; or would like a copy of our Privacy Policy please contact Gail Sawyer at (905) 728-4741 or by email at gail@aviationsupplies.ca