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How old is the First Aid Kit in your plane? They do expire.
Replace yours with a fresh one!



From the Ground Up Book 29th edition

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For over 70 years, the content of From the Ground Up has stood as a literary benchmark for the teaching of the multitude of

components and complexities inherent in the challenging activity of learning to fly.


Garmin Aera family

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Garmin promotions and rebates

Garmin’s aera series of dual-duty GPS portables offer easy transition from flying to motoring – by combining the best in moving-map display features with intuitive, menu-driven touchscreen control. With aera, fingertip navigation has entered a whole new era: One that streamlines operation. Eliminates knobs and buttons. Simplifies the pilot/motorist interface. And lets you think in terms of door-to-door guidance, not just runway-to-runway.



Plane Sights Products


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Garmin G3X Electronic Flight System for Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft



Kannad ELTs and PLBs

KANNAD created, more than twenty years ago, the smallest and lightest ELT, responding to the Search & Rescue (SAR) needs of aviation customers. KANNAD beacons are designed for Light Aviation, General Aviation, Helicopters, Public Transport and Military Aviation.


Satellite Distress signal transmitted on the new 406 MHz and Search and Rescue teams homing on 121.5 MHz.
Easy installation and Easy Retrofit of 121.5 MHz ELTs:
-          No power supply
-          Internal buzzer
-          Six year battery
-          Less weight
-          Smaller size
-          Via satellite testing capabilities


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Shell oil and lubricants         


EAA Video about Greasing Bearings

Most are available by the liter, however, buying by the case is more economical. 

Phillips Oil



Tugs and Draggers





            ICOM CANADA                  

We are a stocking Distributor for Icom   


Sigtronics Sale, click on picture for details



DC ONE-X  $1,265.00 sale ends 12/31/2017                      DC Pro-X,   $950.00  sale ends 12/31/2017



 We carry replacement parts for headsets. Earseals gone flat? Mic is dead? We have new ones in stock


ASA Headsets


Gats 12 Fuel tester




 Aircraft Covers, custom made for your aircraft

We can supply wing covers, canopy covers, and engine covers for a wide range of commercial and private aircraft as well as engine intake plugs, wheel covers, pitot tube covers, Cherokee tail cone covers, and many other unique and helpful accessories.





Windsock Products

No matter what your windsock requirements, we can supply any size and colour combination to meet your particular needs, whether it be the standard five band orange/white for airport use, or one single colour (red, orange, white, yellow, or purple for that matter) for private airfield use or for promotional purposes. Windsocks are also becoming popular for industrial uses as an aid to the handling of hazardous chemicals and agents. We also have our ever-more popular "Canada Flag" windsock.

Our windsock frames are all stainless steel and use nylon bushings, so they can be expected to give many years of trouble free, rust free performance.



Aircraft Cleaning, Polishing and Detailing Products. Site pricing in U.S. dollars. Call for Canadian cost, F.O.B. Oshawa.



Gift items


The Garth Wallace series of funny flying books


Papa X-Ray
by Jim Lang


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